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Potaoes in rows

St Patty’s Day is not just for Dressing in Green,

St Patty’s is a great way of remembering to plant White potatoes in your garden! Irish potatoes, as many people think of them, really originate from the Andes Mountains in South America.  St Patties Day helps us remember to get them in the ground in the cool weather they like. Potatoes like loose well worked […]

Must-have info from the Cityhood in South DeKalb, 101 meeting

Cityhood in South DeKalb, 101 NOTE: This is a super-long post but full of great information. It contains the following sections- The Meeting Cityhood Process, 101 Current Cityhood/Annexation Action Meeting Q & A How do I Locate my Elected Representatives Next Steps   The Meeting: Residents from several South DeKalb neighborhoods gathered recently (10 February) […]

Group shot with Karla speaking

“Cityhood in South DeKalb, 201″ is being planned

On Tuesday, February 10th, PAHL hosted a community meeting to help South DeKalb residents become informed on the cityhood process and impacts.  Cityhood in South DeKalb, 101 brought State Representative Karla Drenner and Senator Elena Parent in front of about 90 residents to deliver some straightforward information on cityhood.  Residents are gathering information so that they can […]


Preparing Your Soil in the Spring

When to work the soil    Well-prepared garden beds make the difference between a fruitful and  meager harvest. However, heading out too early to get your beds turned  can do damage to your soil structure and  harvests for a season or more. How can you tell whether your garden has dried out enough to be worked?  The […]

Sweet Potato Growth

Start Some Heat-loving Sweet Potatoes Indoors

Getting Ready for the Sweet  Potato Season Sweet potatoes are a superfood that are loaded with Vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. They are easy to grow and ecologically friendly. They are known as a crop that can be grown in poor quality soil. This is a real benefit if you are a new gardener or […]