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Help Your Plants Make It Through The Heat

Put down an extra layer 2 to 3 of mulch to reduce evaporation and to keep soil temperatures lower.   Water deeply: If you use a sprinkler, place a can in the garden soil and water until there is at least an inch of water.   Avoid wetting leaves while watering to reduce disease. If […]


Highlight of PAHL’s HBCG June’s 3rd Saturday Garden Work Day

It is not just about Digging in the Dirt! This past 3rd Saturday Work Day on June 20th, 2015,  a beautiful banner for the fence was painted. Garden vegetables were used for artistic inspiration and then of course taken home and eaten! Three great things happened by making this banner! We created a new use […]

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Senior Produce Delivery Spreads the ‘Greens’ Around

Lending a Hand to Neighbors There are many ways to lend a helping hand but few fill a Seniors refrigerator as well as heart the way that Senior Produce Delivery does. How It Works  The Garden is planted and maintained  by PAHL staff and volunteers. Each week, garden produce is  harvested to be delivered to […]

Flowers for Towers Belvedere Site 2014 AFTER with Group

Show Us Your Curb, Belvedere!

Belvedere Park, Decatur, GA- Partners in Action for Healthy Living (PAHL), Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization working to improve the quality of life in South DeKalb County, is hosting a community beautification event in the Belvedere Park neighborhood, Show Us Your Curb, Belvedere!, on Saturday, July 11th, 2015 from 8:30am to noon. Residents and volunteers […]